Alabama House Speaker Creates Task Force to Study Poverty

House Speaker Seth Hammett has formed a task force to study poverty in Alabama. The House Task Force on Poverty intends to identify conditions that create or worsen poverty and to propose legislation or public policy initiatives to reduce or eliminate poverty. Sorry, Mr. Speaker, but you don’t need a task force to figure out why people are poor and getting poorer.
Every day I represent people who can’t afford to pay their bills and are forced to file bankruptcy. Of those people that I represent, I would say that 95% are unable to pay their bills due to circumstances beyond their control including divorce, job layoffs and high medical expenses for debtors who are uninsured. Combine that with a state that allows corporations to hide behind “at will” laws and payday lenders to take advantage of the consumers who are most vulnerable. Add in the subprime market fiasco which continues to raise the debtor’s house payments and higher prices for necessities such as gas and groceries and you have a recipe for poverty. It’s not rocket science Mr. Hammett.

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