Tomorrow is the day.

I officially open my new law office tomorrow.  For the better part of 15 years I have been representing debtors in bankruptcy court as an attorney with Shinbaum, McLeod and Campbell. Tomorrow, I start my new adventure as a solo attorney.  When I say solo, I mean solo.  Just me and my computer.  No staff.  I have always sought ways to use technology to benefit both my clients and myself and this is an opportunity to put technology to the test.  My goal is to be completely mobile which would allow me a much more rewarding experience as an attorney and also allow me to balance work and home a little easier.

I should have my office up an running for the most part tomorrow.  Just a few loose ends to tie up like getting Knology to cooperate in getting my bundle installed.  No worries.  As long as I have my iPhone, I can work no matter how much Knology drags their feet.  My husband Jeff has been a tremendous asset during this transition.  He has become my ad man, maintenance man, furniture mover and the best idea man ever.  Eventually I hope that we can work together in this new venture.

I will post some before and after photos of my new office soon.  It has been a chore but I’m incredibly excited!  So, here’s to the New Year!

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