What is a voluntary dismissal of garnishment without prejudice?

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Question by acmyra_76: What is a voluntary dismissal of garnishment without prejudice?
My paycheck has been garnished since July 20, 2007. Today, Sept. 1, 2007, I received a letter from the attorney for the recovery group that stated “Voluntary dismissal of garnishment without prejudice.” I have no idea what this means. Does it mean the garnishment will stop? I owed more than $ 8000 and have only paid back about $ 650 through the garnishment.
I don’t plan on celebrating just yet. I just wanted to know waht this meant. I really don’t see how they could come back for a bigger bite of the apple as I don’t have anything else for them to take. I am not able to talk to the attorney that is handling the case for the plaintiff and the company that is sueing me will not talk to me either. Yahoo answers was my only hope for an explanation.

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Answer by mntndo
The plantiff, whoever sued you, voluntarily stopped the garnishment. “Without predjuice means they could sue you again for the same thing.

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