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Governor Signs Bill to Protect Houses and Cars from Creditors

At the end of a contentious legislative session, the Governor signed into law an important piece of legislation strengthening Alabamians’ ability to protect their house and car from being seized by creditors.  The bill (SB 327), sponsored by Sen. Cam … Continue reading

How Much Do You Charge to File a Chapter 7?

Several times a week, the phone rings and I hear this from the caller:  “Uh, yeah, how much do you charge for a Chapter 7?”.  It is a legitimate question, however, keep these things in mind before you call. Not everyone is … Continue reading

U.S. News – Recordings may reveal new evidence in Manson murders

So, who would have thought that an ordinary liquidation proceeding could lead to unsolved murders.  The law firm who formerly represented Charles “Tex” Watson has some interesting assets in their bankruptcy.  Namely, audio recordings where Tex allegedly discussed other murders. … Continue reading

New video discusses Chapter 13 vs. Chapter 7

Hi all, I’m posting a video that discusses the general differences between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7.  This is just an overview and doesn’t constitute legal advice, but it answers one of the most commonly asked questions I get.  Enjoy!

Repaying Loans to Family Members prior to filing Bankruptcy

Frequently I meet with people seeking Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection who are surprised that the actions they take prior to filing for bankruptcy can have a lasting impact on their bankruptcy. For instance, let’s say the debtor’s … Continue reading

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