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Pigs Are Flying

Every day I have to confront Alabama’s meager homestead exemption (Ala Code Sec. 6-10-2). Homestead exemptions across the country differ per state if the state has opted out of the federal exemptions. Mississippi’s homestead exemption is $75,000 and there are … Continue reading

Florida Bankruptcy Court denies 523 complaint

A Florida bankruptcy judge recently took up a 523(a)(2) complaint but denied that the debt in question was a fraud exception to discharge. In Loud v. Richie, 2007 WL 4644663, Bankr.M.D.Fla (December, 2007), an unscheduled judgment creditor failed to prove … Continue reading

House Committee Passes Mortgage Reform Act

The House Judiciary Committee has passed limited mortgage reform legislation. The bill, H.R. 3609, the Emergency Home Ownership and Mortgage Equity Protection Act, is the first step to giving homeowners with sub-prime mortgages a much needed break. Maureen Thompson, Legislative … Continue reading

Top 5 Things to Do If You Are Considering Bankruptcy

Every day I counsel with debtors from all walks of life about their remedies under the Bankruptcy code. The biggest hurdles that most debtors face is meeting the document requirements of the new Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act … Continue reading

Junk Fees in Mortgage Foreclosures Only Increase Burden on Consumer

As a consumer bankruptcy attorney I often marvel at the amount of mysterious fees that mortgage companies charge consumers. For instance, I routinely see claims charging hundreds of dollars for inspections fees and appraisals. Recently I requested copies of the … Continue reading

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