1. BE EARLY – The federal courthouse has extensive security which may take up to 1/2 an hour to get through on busy days.  Getting there early insures you will have time to get through security, find the hearing room and, if you need to, ask me any questions before the hearing begins.
  2. BRING A PHOTO ID – You will be required to present a photo ID to get into the courthouse and you will also be required to present it when you take the stand to testify.  If you do not have a photo ID with you, you may not be allowed into the courthouse.
  3. WHAT NOT TO BRING – Don’t bring your cell phone in the courthouse as it may be confiscated and, as a result, it may take you longer to get through security.  Don’t bring anything that can be considered a weapon.  Try not to bring small children or large groups to your hearing. 
  4. BRING THESE DOCUMENTS WITH YOU TO THE HEARING – Chapter 13 debtors should bring a copy of the receipt for your first Chapter 13 payment, a copy of the declarations page from your car insurance, proof you have made all payments you were supposed to make outside the plan, a photo ID and, if completed, your Financial Management certificate.  Chapter 7 debtors should bring a photo ID and their Financial Management Certificate.
  5. IF THIS IS A JOINT CASE – Both spouses must appear.
  6. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO ASK – The same questions I asked you when we signed your petition.  If you have forgotten, you will get a refresher by listening to what the Trustee asks other people who take the stand.
  7. SPEAK UP – The hearings are recorded and, therefore, won’t pick up head nods or hand gestures.
  8. IF YOU CAN’T MAKE YOUR HEARING – Contact me as soon as possible.
  9. WHAT IF YOU DON’T HAVE ALL THE DOCUMENTS WE ASKED YOU TO BRING – Come anyway!  Do not miss your court hearing as it may result in the dismissal of your case. 
  10. RELAX – When you take the stand remember you are under oath.  That makes it easy.  All you have to remember is to tell the truth!