I am a Chapter 13 client

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  • My First Court Hearing For some people, your bankruptcy hearing may be the first time you have ever been to court. Click here to get tips about your first bankruptcy hearing.  It’s always better when you know what to expect.
  • Access Your Case Online If you are currently in Chapter 13, you can access your case online through the Chapter 13 Network to see what creditors are being paid through your case, the balances owed on the creditors and your most recent payments.
  • Update Contact Information It is very important that I have up to date contact and employment information while you are in your case.  New contact and employment information cannot be taken over the phone. Click here to update your information.
  • Chapter 13 Trustee Payments Chapter 13 Trustee payments must be in the form of money orders only and sent to the following address:  Chapter 13 Trustee, P.O. Box 613108, Memphis TN 38101-3108. Remember to put your case number on your payment!

Contact me if you need to do these things:

Sell real estate or cars, settle lawsuits, withdraw from retirement accounts, get an inheritance or other lump sum payment or incur new debt.

Financial Management

Financial Management is a requirement to receive a discharge in bankruptcy.   Not every credit counseling agency may be “approved” to provide a financial management certificate. Click here to get a list of approved financial management providers.

Ch. 13 FAQ

You don’t file a bankruptcy case every day so you may have some questions about your case. Click here to be taken to a Chapter 13 FAQ which answers some of the most commonly answered questions.

New Debt Request

Chapter 13 debtors must get court approval to incur debt.  Should you need to incur new credit while in Chapter 13 you must get permission from the Court. Click here to submit a request and I will contact you to advise you what to do next.

Notice Regarding Lawsuits

If you are suing someone you must advise your attorney immediately so your bankruptcy schedules can be amended to disclose the lawsuit to the Court. Failure to amend your schedules may mean that your lawsuit can be dismissed.