IRS Tax Debt Relief

Tax Collections

Resolving Tax Collections

My office can help you with the following tax matters to get a resolution that is best for you. If you have one or more of the following, contact me to get started.

  • The IRS says you owe money that you cannot pay but you do not want to file bankruptcy.
  • You owe a significant tax debt and want to get a reasonable payment plan.
  • You have tax liens against your property that you need to get released.
  • You have been notified the IRS is about to start garnishing your paycheck, seizing your bank account or putting a lien against your property.
  • You owe a significant amount of IRS debt and wish to settle the debt for less than you owe.
  • You have unfiled returns.

Tax Law FAQ

Why hire an attorney for a tax dispute?

The IRS has a complicated set of rules and timelines to dispute tax debt. You need someone who knows the law so you don’t miss deadlines for relief or “loopholes” which may be used to reduce your tax debt.

Why hire me as your attorney instead of calling the guys on TV?

I am a local attorney who is part of your community and may understand your situation better than someone in another state. I am admitted to tax court in case we need to litigate and if, your case is turned over to a local revenue agent, I can meet with them personally to plead your case.

What kind of options do I have if I owe tax debt?

That largely depends on where you are in the audit or collections process. If you are audited, we can help you dispute the audit or ask for a re-consideration. If you are in the collections process, we can help you determine whether the tax years are beyond the statute of limitations, get a favorable payment plan or offer to settle the debt for a lower amount. If your income won’t allow you to pay the taxes, we can get the tax declared “non-collectable”, meaning they will stop collecting on the debt. In addition, we can even help you file for innocent spouse protection if the taxes are your spouse’s and we can help you get liens removed from your property.

Why does it matter how much I owe?

The amount you owe determines what options are available to you. If you owe less than $250k, you are in the IRS’ automated collection system or ACS. While you are in the ACS it is very easy to miss deadlines that will allow you to fix the problem without affecting your credit or even submitting a detailed financial statement. If you owe more than $250k, owe business taxes or trust fund taxes, congratulations. You are on the IRS radar. You still have many options available to address the debt, however the options become more complicated. You definitely need an experienced local attorney because these cases will have a local revenue agent assinged.

What if I haven’t filed my tax returns?

In order to negotiate with the IRS, you will need to prove you have filed the last six years of tax returns. If you have not filed returns, my office can help you file the outstanding returns.

My refund was taken for my spouses child support or student loans. Can you help me get it back?

Yes. I can help you petition the IRS to release your portion of the refund.